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Video Conferencing

Workplace transformation is continuing to pick up steam—and for good reasons. Businesses are seeking to increase business agility and strengthen team collaboration to gain a competitive advantage and improve business outcomes. At the same time, they are looking to reduce costs by optimizing real estate and facilities investments.

Cisco Webex DX80

Cisco Webex DX80 is an all-in-one collaboration display designed for the desktop.
  • A dedicated, always-on HD video communication system
  • An IP phone that provides essential features for knowledge workers
  • A high-quality audio system for speakerphone
  • A 23-inch 16:9 screen that provides an engaging experience for video calls
  • A multitouch capacitive touchscreen that provides an elegant and powerful user interface
  • A self-provisioning device that is simple for users to take out of the box and start using quickly
  • Easy “One-Button-To-Push” (OBTP) calling that integrates with common calendaring programs

Designing the Workplace for Collaboration

Learn how collaboration devices can support the next-generation workplace.



Cisco Webex Desk Pro

The most advanced, AI-powered collaboration device for the desk.
  • The Webex Desk Pro provides a high-resolution, 4k-touch experience on an anti-glare, 27-inch screen
  • Easily join a meeting or make a call using the buttons on the touch display
  • Change your in-meeting background with blurred and virtual background options *
  • Capture a wide-angle view with a camera suitable for 1-2 people
  • Microphone array for crystal clear, directional sound pickup
  • Display on-demand content when the device isn’t being actively used

Cisco Webex Room USB-k9

  • For huddle spaces of two to five people
  • 120-degree field of view camera
  • Integrated speakers and microphones
  • Remote control and USB-C connection cables
  • Upgrade for codec and Touch 10 controller

Webex Room Kit Mini

  • For huddle spaces for two to five people
  • Codec with 120-degree field of view
  • Integrated speakers and microphones
  • RoomOS, Touch 10 controller

Cisco Webex Room Kit

  • For meeting rooms with up to seven people
  • Camera and codec in one device that integrates with your screen
  • Integrated speakers and microphones
  • RoomOS, Touch 10 controller

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus

  • For larger, deeper rooms with up to 14 people
  • Separate Codec Plus and quad camera
  • Integrated speakers and microphones
  • RoomOS, Touch 10 controller

Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus PTZ

  • Powerful imaging with one motorized, high-quality camera
  • 12x optical and 12x digital zoom
  • Automatic noise suppression reduces disruptive sounds coming from the meeting room (e.g., typing, paper rustling)
  • Easily controlled by the Cisco Touch 10 control unit or with a Cisco Webex Teams ™ app-enabled device
  • End-to-end security

Cisco Webex Room 55

  • Light, sophisticated industrial design is recipient of 2017 Red Dot award for innovation in design
  • Camera innovation: Powerful 5K UltraHD camera and wide-angle lens cover everyone in the room
  • Screen innovation: 4K professional-grade screen
  • Highly reliable as components and software are designed to work together
  • Designed to minimize latency and echo
  • Brings intelligent views to smaller rooms with discreet, integrated camera

Cisco Webex Room 70 Dual G2

  • Cisco Webex Codec Pro for Room 70 G2
  • One of the most powerful and feature-rich video systems available with the ultimate in video and audio quality
  • The next-generation UHD (4K) video collaboration codec and HD fully automatic camera
  • Standards-compliant 1080p and 2160p solution - compatible with standards-based video without losing features
  • 2x presentation cable (HDMI – HDMI), LAN cable, and power cable

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